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You can’t list the top five universities in Nigeria without mentioning University of Ibadan, which is popularly known as UI or Unibadan. The University has developed into one of the highly-rated and most loved institutions in the country.

This is because of the quality of education, its zero tolerance for immortality and its gorgeous-looking environment which enhances learning.

In addition to the aforementioned qualities, the university boasts of well-trained and highly professional lecturers, fast academic calendar, and modern-day teaching equipments that boosts students’ understanding.

How did UI become one of the leading universities in the country? The question is answered below as we shall be unveiling the history and features of the great University of Ibadan.

History And How Did UI Come Into Existence?

The history or origin of the university can be traced back to 1948 when it was referred to as the University College of Ibadan. It got its permanent site in 1963 and it fully commenced lectures and degree-awarding programmes in 1963.

As at that time, all its academic programmes were supervised by the University of London due to the affiliation or connection that existed between the two parties.

The students of Yaba higher college, which was established in 1932, became the first set of UI students because they were transferred into the newly restructured University of Ibadan.

It will interest you to know that the University of Ibadan was the first degree awarding university in Nigeria, followed by the University of Nigeria Nsukka (UNN) However,

the University of Ibadan gained its own autonomy in 1967 and all the school’s activities are being controlled and managed without any interruption from the University of London.

Falculties in university of Ibadan

Talking of the factors and features that distinguish UI from other Nigerian Universities, we can’t help but mention the enormous falculties offered in the school. The University currently has 13 falculties, and the 14th one has been proposed and could be approved any moment from now. Below is the list of the falculties for those who you wish to know them:

  • College of Medicine
  • Arts * Science
  • Agriculture and Forestry
  • Renewable Natural Resources
  • Social Sciences
  • Education
  • Veterinary Medicine
  • Pharmacy
  • Technology
  • Law
  • Public Health
  • Dentistry.
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The fourteenth faculty which is under consideration is known as Economics, Environmental Design and Management.

School Fees of university of Ibadan 2021/2022

University of Ibadan school fee

Department/POSFee Type100200 DE
Agricultural EconomicsLevy22,25022,250
Levy+GES Only25,25025,250
Agricultural Extension and Rural DevelopmentLevy22,25022,250
Levy+GES Only25,25025,250
Levy+GES Only25,25025,250
Animal ScienceLevy22,25022,250
Levy+GES Only25,25025,250
Crop Protection and Environmental BiologyLevy22,25022,250
Levy+GES Only25,25025,250
Aquaculture and Fisheries ManagementLevy22,25022,250
Levy+GES Only25,25025,250
Forest Production and ProductsLevy22,25022,250
Levy+GES Only25,25025,250
Social and Environmental ForestLevy22,25022,250
Levy+GES Only25,25025,250
Wildlife and Ecotourism ManagementLevy22,25022,250
Levy+GES Only25,25025,250
Levy+GES Only30,75040,750
Veterinary MedicineLevy22,25028,250
Levy+GES Only25,25031,250

Returning Students.

Department/POSFee Type200300400500600
Agricultural EconomicsLevy17,65019,15028,15022,650
Levy+GES Only20,65022,15031,15025,650
Agricultural Extension and Rural DevelopmentLevy17,65019,15028,15022,650
Levy+GES Only20,65022,15031,15025,650
Levy+GES Only20,65022,15031,15025,650
Animal ScienceLevy17,65019,15028,15022,650
Levy+GES Only20,65022,15031,15025,650
Crop Protection and Environmental BiologyLevy17,65019,15028,15022,650
Levy+GES Only20,65022,15031,15025,650
Aquaculture and Fisheries ManagementLevy17,65019,15038,15022,650
Levy+GES Only20,65022,15041,15025,650
Forest Production and ProductsLevy17,65019,15038,15022,650
Levy+GES Only20,65022,15041,15025,650
Social and Environmental ForestLevy17,65019,15038,15022,650
Levy+GES Only20,65022,15041,15025,650
Wildlife and Ecotourism ManagementLevy17,65019,15038,15022,650
Levy+GES Only20,65022,15041,15025,650
Levy+GES Only36,15039,15037,65041,150
Veterinary MedicineLevy23,65025,15023,65026,65031,650
Levy+GES Only26,65028,15026,65029,65034,650
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UI School Fees for Faculty of Arts.

Fresh Students.

S/NDepartment/POSFee Type100200 DE
1Arabic and Islamic StudiesLevy24,75024,750
Levy+GES Only27,75027,750
Levy+GES Only30,25041,750
Levy+GES Only30,25041,750
Levy+GES Only22,75022,750
5Communication and Language ArtsLevy24,75024,750
Levy+GES Only27,75027,750
Levy+GES Only27,75032,750
7European StudiesLevy24,75029,750
Levy+GES Only27,75032,750
Levy+GES Only22,75027,750
9Linguistics and African LanguagesLevy24,75029,750
Levy+GES Only27,75032,750
Levy+GES Only27,75027,750
Levy+GES Only22,75022,750
12Religious StudiesLevy24,75024,750
Levy+GES Only27,75027,750
13Theatre ArtsLevy19,75029,750
Levy+GES Only22,75032,750

Returning Students.

S/NDepartment/POSFee Type200300400
1Arabic and Islamic StudiesLevy20,15021,65020,150
Levy+GES Only23,15024,65023,150
Levy+GES Only37,15038,65035,650
Levy+GES Only37,15038,65035,650
Levy+GES Only18,15019,65023,150
5Communication and Language ArtsLevy20,15021,65020,150
Levy+GES Only23,15024,65023,150
Levy+GES Only28,15029,65023,150
7European StudiesLevy25,15026,65020,150
Levy+GES Only28,15029,65023,150
Levy+GES Only23,15024,65023,150
9Linguistics and African LanguagesLevy25,15026,65020,150
Levy+GES Only28,15029,65023,150
Levy+GES Only23,15024,65023,150
Levy+GES Only18,15019,65023,150
12Religious StudiesLevy20,15021,65020,150
Levy+GES Only23,15024,65023,150
13Theatre ArtsLevy25,15026,65020,150
Levy+GES Only28,15029,65023,150

Considering UI’s quality and reputation, one would thought that the school fee won’t be affordable. The good news is that UI tuition fee is not hyper-expensive because it is a federal university.

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We believe it is our responsibility to provide you with the amount you’re required to pay as a new or returning student. So, we’ve done intense researches and we laid our hands on the confirmed UI school fees. The amount of money you’re expected to pay as student is revealed below: – – – –

UI Cut-off Mark For Admission Seekers

As a secondary school graduate seeking admission into the University Of Ibadan, you must score nothing less than 180 in your UTME (JAMB) exam to boost your chance of gaining admission.

You should equally try hard to score good grade in your post-utme exam in order to reach or exceed the school’s departmental cut-off mark. You can visit here to see the cut-off mark for every department in the school.

University of Ibadan (UI) Acceptance Fee For Fresh Students  Academic Session

Faculty of Social Science35,000
Faculty of Art35,000
Faculty of Social Science35,000
Faculty of Education35,000
Faculty of Life Sciences35,000
Faculty of Physical Sciences35,000
Faculty of Pharmacy35,000
Faculty of Law35,000
Faculty of Agriculture35,000
College of Medicine35,000
Faculty of Engineering Technology35,000

Extra-curricular Activities

Are you good in playing football, basketball and other sports? Then, you are bound to enjoy your stay in the school premises because there are football pitch and basketball court where staffs and students engage in any sport of their choice.

Other Information You Need To Know About The School

Motto: “Recte Sapere Fons” which means ‘To think straight is the fount of knowledge’ Chancellor: The sultan of Sokoto, Sa’ad Abubakar Recognitions: UI remains one of the top 10 universities in Africa. It is also listed among the best 1000 universities in the world as it currently occupies the 733th position.

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