Npower physical /e-Screening 2024 Batch C Ongoing

Npower e-Screening for 2024 Batch C Applicants Ongoing

Did you register for the recent  Npower programs and you are expecting the results?

The big news is, Npower e-Screening for batch C applicants has kicked off. All you need to do is to login into their NASIMS portal and do the necessary changes.

Npower management is looking through each applicant’s list and the successful ones will be upgraded to the next level which is physical verification, though it may take a while before the process completes.Npower email link

Stages of the Npower batch C screening

Here are the three (3) stages of the ongoing batch C screening:

  1. Online test
  2. E-screening
  3. Email notification

1. Online test: All batch C applicants are required to log in to the NASIMS portal dashboard to carry out the test. The test contains twenty (20) questions with optional answers and should be answered within 20 minutes, meaning it’s 1 minute per question.

2. E-screening: The Npower will at this stage thoroughly check the applicant’s documents and their scores which were uploaded on the portal to discern the eligibility of such applicant before proceeding to the last stage

3. Email notification: an email notification will be sent to the successful applicant to proceed to the next level of the selection process which is the Npower physical verification.

Npower physical verification date and requirements for batch C

The Npower batch C physical verification is a module in which the scheme officials verify the genuineness of all the information each applicant uploaded.

This exercise is carried out to ensure a transparent registration and to also follow due process. It’s therefore expected of those that applied for the batch C program and have taken the online tests to get prepared for the physical verification across the nation after being shortlisted.

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What are applicants likely to be verified on?

Successful online test sets, all applicants will be verified based on the following:

  • Educational background (qualification)
  • Age (date of birth, month, and year)
  • NYSC certificate
  • Current employment status
  • Bank Verification Number (BVN)
  • Nationality
  • Others.

Note: kindly know that this verification exercise is for the successfully shortlisted applicants not for all applicants.

Requirements for Npower physical verification

If you have been selected and are expected to come for the physical verification, it’s a big congratulations to you.

However, all applicants are expected to come to their screening centers with the following documents:

  1. Valid Identity Card: either National ID card, voter card, or others
  2. Curriculum Vitae: your education credentials (OND, HND or Degree) original and photocopy
  3. Bank Verification Number’s printout (BVN)
  4. Birth Certificate/age declaration
  5. Residential permit or domicile letter of your local government area
  6. A recent passport photographs: four at least
  7. NYSC discharge certificate
  8. Npower 2021 online printout containing your reference number.

Npower update on the physical verification date

The scheme’s management Is yet to pick an official date for batch C applicants at the moment so, that will be communicated as soon as it is released through their website NASIMS portal.

Npower cut-off mark for 2023 batch C test

The cut-off is the lowest score applicants are expected to get after the Npower test so their names can appear on the shortlisted candidate’s names.

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The score will give you the upper hand against other applicants hence the automatic disqualification if you score below this cut-off mark.

Additionally, the Npower test is very competitive unlike other tests you might have written and your survival depends on how high your grade is to others.

What is the Npower cut-off mark for batch C?

Be aware that the Npower cut-off mark for batch C has not to be announced to the public yet tho the pass mark is 40% but applicants are expected to score above 70% so that they can have a great percentage or higher chances of being selected.

How to update your records on Npower batch C beneficiaries NASIMS portal

Oftentimes it is discovered that the wrong approach to record updating is the reason some applicants were not successfully shortlisted and that’s the reason this article will be analyzing the steps one after the other.

The federal government recently initiated a national social investment and information management system (NASIMS) for Npower batch C beneficiaries.

This portal was initiated to create transparent activities during the administration of the Npower batch C program. Therefore, it is a must for every applicant to update their records on the portal.

Here’s the step by step guide to NASIMS portal record updating for Npower batch C candidates:

  1. First thing first, you need to visit the NASIMS website at http:/
  2. Click the “forgot password” button under the login form on the NASIMS portal
  3. Enter your registered email address, the email you registered with during the Npower registration
  4. Click the “send” button on the portal
  5. A message will be sent to your email account, check out and follow the instructions to reset your password
  6. Log in to your portal after resetting your password to update your records on the portal.
  7. Do you still find anything confusing after the process? Then send an e-mail to support.http:/ and you will receive a response.
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How to score above 75% on the NASIMS Npower batch C test

Getting 75% and above in the Npower batch C test can be a difficult task but hey here’s the tips:

  • The utmost aspect is to obtain your login details by recovering your password and updating records on the portal
  • Then copy the unlocking NASIMS ID to access the test portal
  • Make sure you have a stable Internet connection hence it’s best to do it at midnight when there will be less traffic on the internet
  • Be optimistic while in the process
  • After putting the above mentioned in place, then proceed to write your test by clicking the portal link http:/ with your NASIMS ID and password to access the test
  • Do not forget you have only three (3) attempts If you didn’t complete and submit after a timeout.
  • The test encompasses 20 questions which you must answer in 20 minutes
  • Read the question as fast as you can to avoid been logged out
  • Do not stay too long on a particular question, if you find it hard to answer, then skip it and proceed to the ones you know.


NASIM examinations contain mainly current affairs, mathematics, quantitative reasoning, sentence corrections, and so on.

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